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3 Reasons Why Executives Hire Professional Resume Writers

You are an executive who has been working your tail off for the last 15 years trying to climb that corporate ladder and make a difference as a leader. You are ambitious and ready to take your career to the next level. The first thing you do is update you resume to properly align yourself with the new role you want to pursue. Many people ask you WHY you decided to hire a resume writer to do the work for you. As an executive, this is a ‘no-brainer’ and here is why:

#1) Time is money

As an executive you are busy overseeing the organization, ensuring departments are running optimally, managing staff and controlling budgets. You understand the importance of goals, deliverables and deadlines. You also understand that ‘time is money’. You are a valuable asset to the company and spend much of your time away from family, friends and activities so you can satisfy your work obligations.

When it is time to update your resume for a career change, you don’t want to waste your energy conducting research on the latest resume writing trends so that you can remain competitive in your industry. Your time is precious and you know it is best to reserve your energy for your current job and /or spending time on the things that you enjoy doing outside of work.

#2) Executives understand how to delegate

Given that you are a busy executive who manages multiple responsibilities on a daily basis, you understand the importance of delegating in order to achieve operational excellence. You are the visionary leader and have been hired for your ability to get-things-done. This means that you know when to ask someone else to execute a task for you.

Resume writing is an art and can be a very time-consuming endeavor. In order for you to focus on the visionary work that you do, it is imperative that you delegate tasks in order to achieve results. Hiring a professional resume writer is simply an exercise in delegating a task to an industry expert. For busy executives, this means quality work that will help you stand out from other applicants.

#3) Leave it to the professional resume writers

If your sink was leaking who is the first person you should call? A professional plumber is someone well trained in this trade and understands the industry standards for repairs in order to ensure you have no further leaks. Resume writing is also a professional trade and, similarly, requires someone who has spend years training and understanding all the tips, tricks and resume writing trends in order to achieve success.

As an executive, you understand this concept and would much rather hire someone who is an expert in this field then spend your resources trying to figure this out on your own. You understand that in order to get results in your jobs search, you need to optimize the job search process. This is where a professional resume writer comes in to improve your chances of getting noticed and help you step into the next leadership role that will define your career.

If you are a busy executive and need help crafting a resume that will get you results- please reach out to us for a resume consultation.

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